YouTube Weatherman Frankie MacDonald Predicts Massive Snow Storm for Minnesota This Sunday

Order pizza. Order Chinese. Get your Pepsi and Coke.

March 6, 2019
Frankie McDonald YouTube

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It's tournament season in Minnesota and we all know what that means- we can expect more snow and at least one massive blizzard before the last puck hits the ice and the last ball goes through the hoop. Are you ready for it?

Youtube sensation and self proclaimed weatherman, Frankie MacDonald, says you better be. 

According to Frankie, you should have your winter boots and hats ready, order some pizza, stock up on pop, do your grocery shopping, and have plenty of gas. 

If you've never seen Frankie's videos before, you should know that he has a pretty good track record; so take Frankie's advice and be prepared.