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Vacation Do Over

Fix Your Vacation Fail With a Free $10,000 'Do Over'

Have you ever had a major travel nightmare? Three years ago when I went on my very first cruise, I woke up on the first day with my body covered in hives; giant, red welts covered my entire body. It was so uncomfortable itchy and embarrassing, especially when you're wearing a two piece and you're... Read More
Mayo Man

Watch a Memphis Man Eat Mayo Straight Out of the Jar

There are very few things I'll eat out of a jar- peanut butter, pickles and salsa; that's about it. Seems pretty standard, right? Well, apparently eating mayonnaise out of a jar is pretty standard least in Tennessee. According to Inside Edition , a guy now dubbed the "Mayo Man" was spotted... Read More
Scientists Have Figured Out Why Dogs Developed Their "Sad Puppy" Eyes

Your Dog Gives You 'Sad Puppy' Eyes on Purpose and Here's Proof

If you have a dog, there's a pretty good chance that any time you're about to leave the house for work, are eating at the dinner table or you're watching some Netflix on the couch and your furry friend wants to come up and keep your lap warm, then you've probably gotten those undeniable; hard-to-... Read More