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Coors Lights is Giving Away Half a Million Free Beers

Remember 93-year-old Olive Veronesi? She's the grandma what went viral for her "I need more beer sign..." After fulfilling her request, Coors decided that they wanted to answer the cries of every beer-craving American during the coronavirus lockdown by offering even more free beer. According to Ad... Read More
Single dad going nuts at home with two boys from Getty

Parents confess to the weird things they caught their kids doing

Lots of parents are spending extra quality time with our kids right now (probably more then ever before!) so the folks over at Reddit got to talking about some of the weirdest things they have ever seen their kids do. Obviously kids doing weird stuff is normal, but some of these are just hilarious... Read More
COVID-19 Time Capsule coloring book

Mom creates a COVID-19 time capsule workbook for kids

As we experience a whole new world of teaching, education, and keeping kids occupied while quarantining at home, mom Natalie Long has taken her online store to a new creative level, creating "time capsule" coloring workbooks for both kids and parents to share to capture this strange time in our... Read More
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How much of this quarantine slang are you familiar with?

Being quarantined at home has made life different for all of us and it makes sense that we've found brand new ways to describe different actions and feelings we've been experiencing. BestLife has put together a long list of brand new words that if you haven't already used, you probably will soon... Read More
Man in face mask disinfects grocery shopping cart

Essential Workers share how the Wolfpack can make their life easier

We reached out to our community to ask "essential workers" in our communities: What can we start or stop doing right now that will make your job easier? and the responses came in quickly! It's clear that many employees as essential businesses are working hard, but need some affirmation that they're... Read More
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Waconia Bar & Grill Dazzles With Dressed Up Curbside Deliveries

Imagine you're pulling into the parking lot of your favorite place for takeout; you pull into a spot near the front door and put the car and park. As you're waiting for one of the staff members to bring out your bags filled with burgers and BBQ, you look down on your phone to pass some time. Before... Read More