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Grandma Grace Learns How to Flirt With Chippendale Dancers

Mandy from the Wolf Wake Up Crew is taking her mom and her Grandma to see the Chippendales the night before her mom renews her vows in Las Vegas; so she thought it would be a good idea that her grandma was prepared and new exactly what to say when one of the guys comes and dances for her. Read More
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Viral Instagram Poll Reveals No One Hates Minnesota

You know how we have a rivalry with the state of Wisconsin? It was pretty obvious how much most Minnesotans hate our neighbors to the east after the Packers lost on Sunday; but it turns out that state rivalries are a VERY real thing and it goes beyond our professional sports teams. According to a... Read More

Stars & Guitars 2020

Tune in to the Wolf Wake Up Crew Monday morning at 7:45am to hear the lineup for our 2020 Stars & Guitars show! Then listen all week long for your chance to win tickets! Read More
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Turning 21 in 2020? Natty Light Wants to Give You FREE Beer

Are you turning 21 this year? If you're a law abiding citizen, then you'll finally be able to drink your very first beer; and I should warn you- you might not like the taste at first ; but at least it will be FREE. According to WTHR , Natty Light Natural Light is celebrating its 43rd year in... Read More
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Harassing Referees in Wisconsin Could Soon Become a Crime

Have you ever been at a sporting event where fans or parents got a little unruly? It can be a little unnerving and almost embarrassing to watch grown men and women go after someone who's just trying to do their job. And, listen, I know what you're going to say- "if they would make the right calls,... Read More