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sexy country songs

102.9 the Wolf's 'Sexy Tracks for the Wolfpack'

We asked, and you delivered. Recently we learned that a A "pelvic healthcare company" called Kegel 8 created what they call the ulitmate FOREPLAY list; on it were songs from primarily R&B and Hip-Hop artists and we were perplexed by that. Not one country song made the list. Can you believe it?... Read More
Minnesota Festivals

5 Minnesota Festivals You've Never Heard of But Must Check Out

Festival season is in full swing and Minnesotans are taking full advantage. For the next few months you're going to be spending a lot time outdoors enjoying art, music, beer, and food of all varieties. More than likely, most of those festivals are in the Twin Cities metro area; but if you're... Read More
mom orders moana cake, gets marijuana cake

Mom Orders 'Moana' Cake; Gets Marijuana Cake Instead

Are you in the midst of planning a Moana themed birthday party for your son or daughter? Here's a suggestion- when ordering the cake, make sure you spell it out for the bakery. One mom in Georgia learned the hard way when she recently ordered a Moana cake for her daughter's 25th birthday. According... Read More
Netflix Hangouts

How to Watch Netflix at Work and Not Get Caught

So you just started watching the newest season of Stranger Things on Netflix and you don't want to stop. The mistake you made is that you started watching it during the week, leaving you with very little time to squeeze in 4 episodes in one sitting because things like life and work get in the way... Read More
farmington minnesota

Farmington Kids Inspire Hilariously Sarcastic Viral Facebook Post

How has your summer been so far? Depending on who you ask, it's either going by way too fast, or it can't go by fast enough. In fact, a new study says that parents would like to send their kids back to school after just 13 days of summer vacation. Keeping kids entertained and occupied were the top... Read More
$1 tacos at Burger King

$1 Tacos Are Now Available at Burger King

Burger King is giving taco lovers something to taco 'bout because they just announced that they're adding $1 tacos to their menu for a limited time. Delish spilled the refried beans saying that the fast food chain is now offering the tacos nationwide and you can add them to any order. Did we... Read More
Drunk yoga

Drunk Yoga is the Newest Fitness Trend to Help You 'Wine' Down

You know how when you drink wine it makes you feel totally relaxed? Well so does yoga, which is why someone decided to combine the two for drunk yoga. According to the NY Post , drunk Yoga has become a hot exercise trend. Eli Walker created it in 2017 and says his yoga classes are 90 minutes long... Read More

Watch: Really Shouldn't Drink Around You

"I really shouldn't drink around you, It's a risk, it's a gamble, a little more than I can handle..." Teddy Robb's "Really Shouldn't Drink Around You" has a message that most Wolf Pack members can probably relate to. He performed this hit for a VIP crowd on The Wolf Stage in downtown Minneapolis... Read More