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You Can Now Attend Zoom Meetings With a Jason Aldean Background

If your Zoom calls are getting a little bit boring and you want to freshen or spice them up a bit, it's time to add a fun, silly or engaging background. For those of you who miss going to concerts, Jason Aldean has come to the rescue. In a recent Tweet he announced that he's created his own custom... Read More
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Can Passing Gas Spread the Coronavirus?

You know how you need a mask to cover your face so you don't spread the coronavirus? Well, the same goes for your backside. According to a doctor in Australia, passing gas can spread the coronavirus. In a recent "Coronacast," Dr. Norman Swan says particles of feces are set adrift within a fart and... Read More
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These Are the Top Signs You're STILL Quarantined in Minnesota

With the state of Wisconsin announcing that they're extending their "safer at home" order until May 26th, Minnesotans are preparing for the announcement that we'll be next. Although Governor Walz gave us a tiny bit of relief with reopening golf courses and other recreational areas, there's still a... Read More

NEW Unreleased Luke Combs Song about quarantine is AMAZING

Incredible! Everything Luke Combs touches just turns to gold! He recently sat down with Brent Cobb and Rob Snyder to write a song about the current times we're living in called "Six Feet Apart"...and it's AMAZING! I swear this guy could read the assembly instructions from the manual of an IKEA... Read More
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Wisconsin Extends it's 'Safer at Home' Order to the End of May

WOLFPACK members in Western Wisconsin should prepare to hunker down a little bit longer. According to MyStateline , Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is extending the Safer-At-Home order to May 26. There are some changes, however. Some businesses will be allowed to open back up and other changes will... Read More
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Princeton Woman Goes Viral With Her Granny Panties COVID Mask

If you've been having a hard time finding a mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus, there's a pretty good chance that you're having a hard time finding any for sale. That's when you turn to the internet to learn how to make your own like Cathy Marie did; and what she found was internet fame... Read More
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Small Minnesota Town Buys 13,000 Cans of Beer in 3 Days

I don't know who needs to hear this, but drinking alcohol is not an effective way to cure your coronavirus cabin fever. That's according to the World Health Organization , who says that alcohol sales have risen over 55% since most of the country went into lockdown a few weeks ago. Sales associates... Read More