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Guiness Book of World Records, unusual world records, weirdest world records, fastest backwards speller

Hastings Woman Named World's Fastest Backwards Speller

A woman in Minnesota was just awarded the Guinness World Record for "fastest backwards speller" . . . she spelled 56 words backwards in one minute.
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Minnesota State Fair, Minnesota State Fair canceled, North Carolina State Fair, fair food days, drive-thru fair food event

You Can Now Make Your Own State Fair Food with This New 'At-Home' Kit

A small business in Minnetonka announced that they're going to be selling a State Fair at-home food kit that anyone can purchase.
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sweet martha's cookie jar, sweet martha's cookies, sweet martha's minnesota state fair, minnesota state fair

Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar is Selling Tie-Dyed Tees and We Are Stoked

Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar is selling State Fair merchandise for the first time ever.
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Fish sunflowers, fish realty, fish mls realty

Big Lake Man Brings Joy to the North Metro by Planting Sunflower Fields

A man in Big Lake has been planting sunflower fields in the north west metro to connect families and friends through the love of sunflowers and the beauty and happiness they bring.
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Friendship Manor Nursing Home Shakopee

These Shakopee Nursing Home Residents Are Looking for Pen Pals

Residents at a nursing home in Shakopee are looking for pen pals.
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Minnesota State Fair, Minnesota State Fair Canceled, fair food, The Donut Family

Get Your Mini-Donut Fix at This Pop-Up State Fair Food Event

A pop-up fair food event is coming to North Saint Paul this weekend.
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hugs are safer than handshakes, can I give hugs during the coronavirus

Virologists Say Hugs Are Safer Than Handshakes

A hug is safer than shaking hands when it comes to spreading coronavirus, according to a virologist in Belgium.
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Sweet Potato Comfort Pies, Rose McGee sweet potato pies, Minneapolis baker and business owner Rose McGee

Minneapolis Baker Spreads Love with Sweet Potato Comfort Pie

Minneapolis baker and business owner Rose McGee is known for her Sweet Potato Comfort Pies, and this week, Rose is using her pies to spread some love in her community.
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Rachel Berry, What it's like to be a black country music fan, what it's like to be an african american country music fan

This is What It's Really Like to Be an African American Country Music Fan

A woman named Rachel Berry has gone viral with her post about what it's like to be a country music fan, who happens to be African American.
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George Floyd protests Minneapolis, George Floyd protests, George Floyd Minneapolis, Church of God, Church of God Ohio

Support for George Floyd Protests comes From an Unlikely Group

An unexpected group of people showed up to the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis over the weekend, except this time it was a good thing.
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