kris lindahl, kris lindahl real estate, kris lindahl billboards

This Adorable Dog Just Won Halloween With This 'Kris Lindog' Costume

Kris Lindahl Real Estate is holding an epic Halloween costume contest.
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halloween, halloween drinks, halloween cocktails, halloween drinking game

Halloween is About to be as Lit As Your Jack-O-Lantern with This Trick-or-Treating Drinking Game

Halloween is tomorrow; get ready with this Halloween drinking game.
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Trisha Yearwood, Lizzo

Trisha Yearwood is Giving Props to Lizzo For Boosting Her Confidence

At 55 years old, Trisha Yearwood says she has never been more confident.
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Popular Minnesota Phrases

You Know You're From Minnesota if You Need the Midwest Voice Translator

A little over three years ago, when I introduced my boyfriend to my parents, we had the most hilarious conversation after the meeting. My boyfriend, being from Illinois, had never heard anyone not be able to pronounce their "THs" before. He noticed it anytime my stepdad would say "thanks;" and that...
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Farmer's Almanac, Old Farmer's Almanac, winter, winter predictions

The Old Farmer's Almanac Says to Prepare for At Least 7 Big Snow Storms This Winter

If you don't have the luxury of parking your car in a garage, you might've noticed something unpleasant on your windshield this morning. As the temps dipped below freezing overnight, we got covered in, I hate to say it, frost; and you know what comes next...the snow. And according to Men's Health...
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Miller lite, free beer miller lite, miller lite free beer, miller lite will give you free beer

You Can Get Free Beer From Miller Lite For Unfollowing Them on Social Media

Miller Lite is making a new offer: They'll give you a FREE BEER . . . if you UNFOLLOW them on Facebook or Instagram.
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Giant Poo Tour, Poo-Pourri

Poo~Pourri’s 'Giant Poo' Tour Is Coming to Minneapolis Next Year

Get ready to take a big whif; because we have a feeling that Poo-Pourri's 'Let That Sh*t Go' experience is going to be just that- the sh*t. According to GiantPoo.com (yes, that's the actual website), the stink masking spray that's been taking the shame out of "letting sh*t go...literally" now wants...
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white claw, can white claw get you drunk, best drinks to get drunk

Doctors Confirm White Claw is the Best Way to Get Drunk

No need to hit pause when you're drinking the Claws. All of those jokes that you made at your friend's expense when he said, "man those White Claws really sneak up on you, man" are now coming back to bite you in the butt because a doctor has confirmed that White Claw really does get you drunker and...
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Big Lake police department, public shaming on Facebook

Big Lake Police Address Serious Problem with Neighborhood Group Pages on Facebook

A Big Lake man was humiliated this week after a "concerned citizen" quickly snapped photos of his truck and took to their neighborhood group page on Facebook to publicly shame him for being a "creeper." The parent who posted it claims that the driver was taking photos of her son from his vehicle...
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Truly Hard Seltzer, truly seltzer flavors, what's better white claw or truly, white claw truly

White Claw is Coming Out With 8 New Flavors; Truly Responds

White Claw and Truly go head to head to be the best hard seltzer by launching new flavors.
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