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7 Crazy Tacos You Have to See to Believe

Taco Bell has announced they are bringing back their popular “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” deal. For those unfamiliar with the offer , the fast food chain will once again give fans a free Doritos Locos Taco whenever the first base is stolen during the upcoming World Series. Game on! Despite its “...
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The World's Heaviest Avocado Will Make Your Guac Dreams Come True

The guacamole really is extra! A family in Hawaii has landed in the Guinness Book of World Records after their 5.6 pound avocado was certified as the world’s heaviest, according to CNN . The Pokini family from Maui applied for the certification back in December after previously submitting a 5.7...
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These Edible Whiskey Capsules Are Being Compared to Tide Pods

You can now enjoy a shot of whiskey in a capsule that resembles detergent pods. Renowned liquor brand The Glenlivet has launched a new Capsule Collection of three flavors of their Founder’s Reserve whisky that comes in biodegradable capsules made of seaweed, according to USA Today. “No ice. No...
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Could Your Morning Cup of Joe Help You Shed Pounds?

Caffeine could help you lose weight. Now there is a new report which suggests that caffeine could help people slim down by ramping up the brown fat to burn more calories.
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caribou coffee

Caribou Coffee Just Introduced the Cold Press Shandy and We Can't Wait to Try It

For the last few weeks I've made it a point to stop by Caribou at least twice a week to indulge in what I think they should keep on their menu permanently- their malt drinks. I could drink an Iced Malted Crafted Press all day; every day. If you haven't had one, you better hurry and get one. If you...
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Dr Pepper Dark Berry

Dr. Pepper is Releasing an Intense New Flavor for 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

When is the last time you've had a Dr. Pepper? It's probably one of the only sodas I can think of that hasn't been given a new or limited edition flavor since my dad would sing me "Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too," jingle in the early 1980's. That's all about to change this week as Dr. Pepper...
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Bud light lemon tea

Bud Light's Newest Flavor Is Here to Sweeten Your Summer

Mother Nature sure has been kind to use the last few days. With blue skies, an abundance of sunshine and temps in the 60s, I've been spending a lot of time on the deck soaking in the rays in and sipping on something ice cold; and it's only going to get better from here. That's the hope anyway; and...
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Franzia "Franz for Life" box wine

Franzia Just Debuted Boozy 'Juice Boxes' for Adults and My Inner Child is Screaming

The days of wine being associated with high class and even higher cost are officially over...and forever. Honestly, those days were over for me when they introduced Boone's Farm, but then you grow up, try to act fancy and realize that all wine tastes the same no matter where it came from or what it...
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Aldi's Vista Bay Hard Seltzer

Six Packs of Hard Seltzer for Less Than $6 Are Hitting Store Shelves this Summer

Low calorie drink lovers, are you ready for some sparkling, summer news? According to Delish , Aldi is upping their boozy bargains game by adding their very own line of hard seltzer that's due to hit store shelves just as they run out of pineapple mimosas- May 2nd. Aldi Is Launching Its Own Hard...
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drinking wine is as bad as smoking

Winos Are Whining Over a New Study that Says Drinking a Bottle of Wine is as Bad as Smoking

Every morning on the Wolf Wake Up Crew, we do a segment called "Well Meaning Advice We're Unlikely to Follow," it's when we share the latest advice and studies from "experts" who tell us to stop eating bacon, start snorting sugar and give up on caffeine because it's going to make us fat, give us...
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