These Fisher-Price Toys Allow Kids to Work, Cook and Exercise From Home Like Their Parents

Fisher-Price is releasing new toys for children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The toys will allow children to pretend cook, work and work out from home like their parents.
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Why Are COVID-19 Cases Rising in Kids?

As the country creates safety precautions around kids going back to school, a new study found an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases among children.
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Fish shows how to keep kids entertained at home with common items

Fish shares an easy way to keep kids entertained while on a budget

Here's a cheap and easy way to keep kids entertained with stuff you already have laying around the house, courtesy of Fish from 102.9 The Wolf
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3 Tricks to Curbing Your Kids' Summer Boredom

While this summer may look a little different than most with coronavirus-induced closures and alterations to travel still in full swing, you may be wondering how you can curb your kids’ summer boredom.
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10-Year-Old Sends Art Kits to Kids Across Country as a Form of Therapy

On Chelsea Phaire’s 10th birthday last August, she launched her own charity, called Chelsea’s Charity. With the help of her family in Connecticut, she packs up kits of art supplies and sends them to kids across the country.
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Single dad going nuts at home with two boys from Getty

Parents confess to the weird things they caught their kids doing

Parents are confessing to what weird things they caught their kids doing
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COVID-19 Time Capsule coloring book

Mom creates a COVID-19 time capsule workbook for kids

Download a COVID-19 coloring workbook for your kids to capture this time in your family's life
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'Virtual Babysitting' Gives Parents a Much-Needed Quarantine Break

One quarantined mom had a genius idea for parents at their wit’s end attempting to entertain and watch the little ones while simultaneously working from home. That’s how the idea of virtual babysitting was born.
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Nearly 6 Million Contigo Kids' Water Bottles Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

Do you have a Contigo water bottle for your child? According to the company, you may want to take it away from them. Nearly 6 million of the bottles have been recalled due to a choking hazard.
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7 Restaurant Chains Great for Families

Parents often want (or need) to take their kids out to eat, but not every restaurant welcomes young diners. For a family-friendly experience, seek out one of these proven fast-food chain restaurants , which happily serve customers of all ages. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Benihana...
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