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Hastings Woman Named World's Fastest Backwards Speller

A woman in Minnesota was just awarded the Guinness World Record for "fastest backwards speller" . . . she spelled 56 words backwards in one minute.
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You Can Now Make Your Own State Fair Food with This New 'At-Home' Kit

A small business in Minnetonka announced that they're going to be selling a State Fair at-home food kit that anyone can purchase.
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sweet martha's cookie jar, sweet martha's cookies, sweet martha's minnesota state fair, minnesota state fair

Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar is Selling Tie-Dyed Tees and We Are Stoked

Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar is selling State Fair merchandise for the first time ever.
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luke combs, luke combs married, luke combs wedding, luke combs nicole hocking

Suprise! Luke Combs is a Married Man

Luke Combs reveals on Instagram that he got married this weekend.
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Minnesota Twins, Target Field, Minnesota Twins fan face

How to Be a Fan in the Stands at Target Field This Season

The Minnesota Twins want to see your face in the stands this season; here's how.
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Fish sunflowers, fish realty, fish mls realty

Big Lake Man Brings Joy to the North Metro by Planting Sunflower Fields

A man in Big Lake has been planting sunflower fields in the north west metro to connect families and friends through the love of sunflowers and the beauty and happiness they bring.
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coronavirus, coronavirus mask, how to make a mask, how to make a mask for coronavirus, coronavirus mask shortage

These Minnesota Face Masks Will Make You Say, 'Oh Fer Cute!'

A local artist is selling Minnesota-themed face masks that you'll actually want to wear.
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hard seltzer festival, seltzerland

A Socially Distant Seltzer Festival is Set to Take Place This September

After it was originally postponed because of COVID, the organizers of a hard seltzer festival has found a way to pull it off with a socially distant alternative.
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Country Time Lemonade, Country Time Lemonade Bailout

Country Time Lemonade is Giving Kids Bailout Money for Closed Lemonade Stands

Country Time has launched the “Littlest Bailout Relief Fund” to help put a “little juice back into the economy
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lost car

Drunk Minneapolis Man Forgets Where He Parked His Car, Offers Reward to Find It

Someone in Minnesota can't remember where they parked their car after a night of drinking.
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