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Mendota Heights Police Department, when to call 911 about the coronavirus

Mendota Heights PD Pens Hilariously Blunt Note to COVID Karens

The Mendota Heights Police Department has a hilarious message for people who keep calling the cops on kids playing at their local playgrounds.
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chalk the walk

This Local Mother-Daughter Duo Took 'Chalk the Walk' to the Next Level

Video of What The World Needs Now Is Love / Dionne Warwick This mother-daugther duo is making it 'Chalk the Walk' day everyday.
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wolf howling, go outside at howl at 8, how to show solidarity for healthcare workers during COVID-19, people cheer on health care workers during coronavirus

Minnesotans are Howling at Night to Show Support for Healthcare Workers and We're Here for It

The 'Go Outside and Howl at 8' initiative to show support for health care workers on the front lines of COVID-19 has made its way to Minnesota.
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stay home, #stayhome #stayhomemn, shelter in place order minnesota

Local Nurse Has Stern Message for Parents Who Don't Enforce Social Distancing

A local nurse has a stern message for parents who are still allowing their teens to party with friends at neighborhood parks.
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Chris Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth Centr, Centr app

OH MY THORD, Chris Hemsworth is Offering Free Workouts for Six Weeks

Chris Hemsworth wants to movitate you to workout while you're at home.
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Amazon Prime delivery, amazon delivery, amazon delivery driver gives back, coronavirus feel good stories

Local Amazon Delivery Drivers Give Back to Girl With Special Needs

After getting a heartfelt letter and a generous tip, a local Amazon delivery driver decided to pay it forward and give back to them in a very generous way.
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teddy bear hunts, stay home, shelter in place activities

'Teddy Bear Hunts' Are Taking Over Minnesota Neighborhoods

Minnesota families are putting teddy bears in their windows as a fun way to enjoy walks during the shelter in place order.
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world of hearts project, hearts project, how to spread love during the coronavirus, things to do while you're in quarantine, social distancing activities

Minnesota Families Are Sharing Love Through Hearts Posted in Their Windows

Families are sharing messages of love and solidarity to their neighbors with hearts in their windows.
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Andover Elementary school, messages of hope during coronavirus, coronavrirus challenge

Andover Teachers Create Heartwarming Message for All the Students They Miss Because of COVID-19

Andover Elementary LOVES their students; and they miss them dearly. So, the teachers decided to get together and send them a little love with some touching and heartfelt words.
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symptoms of coronavirus, what it's like to have coronavirus, stay home

Minneapolis Woman Diagnosed with the Coronavirus Pleads with the Public to Stay at Home

A Minneapolis woman is begging with the public to stay at home after she started experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
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