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Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Named the Guardians of Minnesota

If it's one thing I love about Reddit, it's that I come across some of the most thought-provoking questions. Last week, someone posed this question, "In Hawaii, when visitors get off the airplane, they immediately get a lei; if this same tradition was practiced in other places, what would visitors...
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Minnesota Nice

Transplant's Observations of 'Minnesota Nice' Will Make You Even More Proud to Be a Minnesotan

In the last eight years, my radio career has brought me to four different states- Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and back to Minnesota; and in all of the Midwestern states I've lived in, none of the residents were more proud of where they were born and raised quite like the Minnesotan. The next time...
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Can MnDOT Top These IDOT Electronic Sign Messages?

If it's one thing Minnesotans love, it's MnDOT's sense of humor and their penchant for coming up with some really great electronic signs. They're snarky, funny, relatable and sometimes they really get to the heart of the matter and drive their message home (pun intended) by getting straight to the...
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Minnesota Foods

14 Unique Food Related Gifts Your Non-Minnesotan Friends Will Love

For the last 6 months when I'd visit my boyfriend Jason in Illinois, I always made it a point to stop at some of my favorite bakeries, bistros and breweries to stock up on some of my favorite Illinois treats; and if I had a craving and couldn't make the drive, I'd just ask him to stop by Edward's...
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Marve's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man Misses the Mark with Edina Reference in PS4 Game

If you're anything like me, you get a little giddy when you hear a Minnesota reference in a song, movie or video game. Fargo has been out for 23 years and I still get excited every time Marge asks the two girls in a bar where they're from and one of them says my hometown of Chaska. So, when I saw...
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Things to Do in Minnesota

39 Things Every Minnesotan Must See and Do Before They Die

If you were born and raised in Minnesota like I was, you might think you've seen and done everything this state has to offer. I know I did, which is why I moved away for 8 years to experience what else was out there; but after being gone for a few years and making hundreds of trips back, I began to...
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Popular Minnesota Phrases

Minnesotans Were Asked to Explain 'Uff Da' to Transplants and the Responses Were Spectacular

Imagine moving to Minnesota from California. The transition can't be easy, especially when it comes to adjusting to the weather. You basically need an entirely new wardrobe, quite possibly a new vehicle and you'll need to learn some new lingo. According to Redditor, Aaliyah , she's a Californian...
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