Farmers' Almanac Predicts Blizzard in February

The 2021 Farmers’ Almanac is predicting that Americans could see a blizzard in February. The Almanac is predicting a specific amount of snow during the second week of February along the eastern seaboard
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You Can Now Ride Bumper Cars on Ice in New York City

Looking for some winter fun? Bumper cars on ice just arrived at the rink at Aviator Sports in Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field. The bumper cars can go in any direction, so your friends and family are in for it when you come for them in reverse! It will cost you just $13 for a 15 minute session. Find...
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Holiday Programming 2019: This Year's Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Specials

Here's a list you'll definitely be checking more than twice. Cynopsis just released its exhaustive rundown of holiday programming for 2019. Use this handy reference to make sure there's not a single Thanksgiving , Christmas or New Years special that you miss. Find the full list below. Friday,...
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7 Ways to Start Preparing For Christmas Now

It may feel like Christmas is still a long way off, but Santa’s on his way, and the more you prepare now, the happier you’ll be on Christmas Eve. Listen to Christmas Classics on RADIO.COM NOW From expert travel tips to gift-giving expertise, here are a few tips to help you get on top of your...
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Winter Will Be Powerful, But Delayed, Says AccuWeather

(1020 KDKA) - Accuweather's just released long range forecast predicts the worst of winter will be late in coming, but when it gets here, look out. Long range forecaster Paul Pastelok says November temperatures should be slightly above normal, close to normal in December , with below average...
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phallic potholes

Minneapolis Man Creates Large Scale Phallic Art to Draw Attention to Potholes

Looking for a unique and creative way to get all the potholes in your city filled in faster? Trying drawing a penis around them. Seriously. The idea came from across the pond when a man from England, later dubbed as "Wanksy" (after the artist known as Banksy") , started painting penises, with...
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Frankie McDonald Weather

Frankie the YouTube Weatherman Predicts Major Winter Storm For Minnesota this Thursday

This morning as I got home from the gym, I had to chuckle at the scene that was my entry way- there was a pair of winter boots, gym shoes, riding boots, slip on converse, slippers and...flip flops. Yep, it must be April in Minnesota; and a Minnesota April wouldn't be complete without one last major...
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spring in Minnesota

Stillwater Man Captures the Most Perfect #OnlyInMinnesota Spring Moment

The sun has been shining, the snow has been melting and Minnesotans are finally emerging from their wolf dens to enjoy the earliest moments of spring. Saturday I saw people out walking their dogs, beer lovers were in hoodies and flip flops on dimly lit patios in North East Minneapolis and guys like...
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So much dog poop.

The Top 10 Grossest 'Snow Melting Discoveries' in Minnesota

The time has finally come for Winter to start melting away, and with the big, wet thaw comes an ugly; muddy mess. Just take a look at your backyard and you'll start to notice things you forgot that you had...and things you wish you didn't. Thanks to a post inspired on Reddit , we've put together...
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MnDOT is Starting to Get Politically Correct With Potholes

Late last week, as I was driving to work, I noticed an electronic billboard on 94 East a few miles before you hit the exit for Broadway that said, "Pavement failure, tunnel reduced to two lanes." Courtesy of Paul Thomas I thought to myself, "pavement failure? What in the heck does that mean?" Then...
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