dodging potholes

Dumbfounded Woman Gets Ticketed for 'Dodging Potholes'

There's a pretty good chance that if you've been dodging potholes for the last few weeks, that you've also been wondering how long it's going to take for a cop to pull you over for driving under the influence or distracted driving. You know you're not doing either, but from behind, a cop might see...
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how to file a claim for pothole damage

You Can File a Claim for Pothole Damage to Your Car, Here's How

Be honest- how many times have you cursed the city that you live in for not taking better care of the roads? If you're in enough neighborhood or community pages on Facebook, you'll see those kinds of comments and complaints all day long; and now that the snow is pretty much gone, we've moved on...
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Wisconsin Dells Lazy River

Genius Wisconsin Man Turns Flooded Backyard Into Epic Lazy River

Remember all of those really cool snow forts, ice bars and backyard snow slides you've been seeing all winter long? Well, as of today, they've all turned into ponds and lakes. So now what? You make the best of it, of course. But how? If you're home's not flooding (and if is, I'm sorry), you turn...
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trashtag challenge

Someone Created a Minnesota Version of the #Trashtag Challenge and We're Totally Up For It

With rain moving into the Twin Cities and the entire state being under a flood watch, it is so important now more than ever, that the sewer drains are open. There’s just one thing- if your street is as snow covered as mine is still, you’re having a hard time finding them. That’s where the #trashtag...
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World's Largest Snowman

Snow Way, Man! A Wisconsin Guy Just Built the 'World's Tallest Snowman'

If you have a couple of hours to spare in the next day or so, you'll want to plan a road trip to Black River Falls, Wisconsin. That's where Jack Taylor has built what he calls the "World's Tallest Snowman EVER!" Jack included an address and everything for you, but you'll have to hurry before the...
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Wayzata Neighborhood Becomes Envy Of Minnesnowta with Massive Luge and Ice Bar

There seems to be an ongoing theme as far as winter goes this year and it's clearly "making the best of it." They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade; but when you live in Minnesota, it's when life gives you snow, you make a luge. OK, I made that up, but you have to admit that it...
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Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team

Women Are Doing a Double Take For Delano Hockey Coach Dubbed McDreamy

It's the highlight of the Minnesota boys hockey tournament- the hair and the announcement of the 2020 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team.
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Rod Carew

Rod Carew Shouldering a Snow Shovel at Target Field is the Best Thing You'll See All Day

I know we've been complaining about the snow a lot these past few weeks, but can we all agree that it's really starting to bring out the creativity in all of us? Just when you think people are running out of ideas on how to make the best of 40 plus inches of powder, someone goes and throws a shovel...
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snow fort

Andover Couple Builds Epic Snow Fort Complete With Built-In Beer Fridge

With temperatures being close to above freezing on Saturday, it seems that almost everyone in the state was out enjoying the snow before we got even more snow. Karissa and her boyfriend Jacob are reliving childhood memories in their front yard with an "MTV Cribs" style fortress that boasts wooden...
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Minnesota State Patrol

Minnesota State Patrol Begs You to Not Be That Guy Who Drives in Snow Covered Car

Dear fellow Minnesota drivers, You and I have been on the road together long enough for us to know that the first step before getting on our snow covered streets is to make sure that your car is completely cleaned off. As someone who lived without a garage for 20 years, I know that it gets tiresome...
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