ice igloo

Bloomington Family Makes the Most of Winter With Impressive Igloo

Prepare to be amazed, because a family in Bloomington has just set the bar pretty high when it comes to making the most of winter with something straight out of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival with their incredible igloo! WCCO shared the awe-inspiring images on their Facebook page and I'm officially...
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snow rage

Driveway Shoveling, Snow Cursing Guy is Proof That Snow Rage is Real

A couple of weeks ago you could find me in my driveway, shoveling with a bottle of wine. It was fun back then, but I'm not sure my back or my liver can take any more shoveling. Neither can this guy, clearly. Jason Buss shared a video on Facebook that he quickly turned into a meme with whimsical...
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satisfying things about winter

13 Wonderfully Satisfying Things About Winter

Looks like winter is sticking around for a little while longer, so we might as well try to appreciate the little things that make it so wonderfully and surprisingly satisfying. These are the 13 most satisfying things about winter: 1. kicking snow out of your wheel wells 2. table top snow cakes 3. a...
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winter storm warning

37 Things to Do Indoors While Mother Nature Reminds Us That She Hates Us

With another round of snow expected to hit Minnesota this weekend, it's time to sit down with the fam' and discuss calmly and rationally how you plan to spend your time being snowed in together. Doing this in advance should really help in preventing all of you from wanting to theoretically kill one...
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Only In Minneapolis

Columbia Heights Resident Makes the Most of the Snow With a 'Monsters Inc' Mural

If you've said to yourself in the last week or two, "we are running out of places to put all of this snow;" I know exactly where you can take it- to a neighborhood in Columbia Heights. That's where local resident, Kris Jester, spotted this Monsters Inc mural made out of snow on 48th and Madison...
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Busy Moms are Relating So Hard to This Minnesota Woman's Snow-Filled Minivan

Has this ever happened to you? You leave your house and you get a few miles down the road, and you start to ask yourself, "did I leave the garage door open?" You're already too far to turn back and you're feeling pretty confident that you did, so you speed on and spend the entire day at work. It...
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couple stuck in snow

Watch a Wisconsin Man Provide Comically Colorful Commentary for Couple Stuck in Snow

There are two types of people in this world: the kind that will help pick you up when you fall; and the kind that will sit there and record the entire thing so they can share it later on the internet. Tanner Peterik, of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, is the latter. Let's be honest, most of us are. A couple...
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shoveling hacks

Minneapolis Man Creates Genius Shoveling Hack for Stairs

Have you ever heard of a "Minnesota Mailbox?" It basically consists of a hockey stick and a bucket, and it's used most often by Minnesnowtans who forget, or don't have the time or energy to shovel around their mailbox. Here's how it works: take the hockey stick, shove into the snow bank and hang...
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Smart Home Heating

3 Ways to Reduce Heating Costs This Winter

Here are three things you can do to help reduce your heating bill this winter.
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