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best mac and cheese in all 50 states, revival minneapolis

According to Yelp, Revival in Minneapolis Has the Best Mac and Cheese in Minnesota

Comfort food and carb loading season has arrived and I can't think of a better way to get my body winter ready than with a bowl of baked mac and cheese. Yes, baked. Not that Kraft or Velveeta stuff; I'm talking about thick eblow macaroni noodles, at least three kinds of cheese that fills the inside...
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stop raking leaves, do i need to rake my leaves, why you should stop raking leaves

Why You Should Stop Raking Your Leaves

As we head into the end of October and with an assist from the rain the last couple of days, we're really starting to see the leaves of yellow, red and brown litter our yards. For some of us who hate yardward, we look outside and think, "Oh great, can't wait to rake up all of those;" and for others...
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Taco Bell steal a base steal a taco, taco bell free tacos, free tacos taco bell

Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Tacos For The World Series

The World Series starts next week and Taco Bell’s “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” deal is back to go with it.
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living with yourself netflix, netflix living with yourself, living with yourself, paul rudd, paul rudd living with yourself

Binge Brag: 'Living With Yourself'

This week on Binge Brag, I watch Netflix's 'Living With Yourself.'
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mountain dew candle, moutain dew scented candle, 716 Candle Company

Your House Can Now Smell Like Mountain Dew With This $15 Scented Candle

The 716 Candle Company is selling a Mountain Dew-scented candle for $15.
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chocolate chip cookies, how to make chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookies as addictive as drugs

Holy Chip, Science Confirms Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Just as Addictive as Drugs

Quick, hand me the phone, because it's time for me to call the Betty Ford Clinic, I mean...the Betty Crocker clinic; because if this recent research about chocolate chip cookies is true, then it's time for me to go to rehab. (Which by the way, drug addiction is no laughing matter, and if you think...
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get paid to watch disney movies, Disney+, Disney+ streaming service, disney streaming service, disney plus, disney plus streaming service,

You Can Make $1,000 Watching Disney Movies is hiring people to watch Disney Plus for 5 days.
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thinking too much could lead to an early death

Study Confirms Thinking Too Much Could Cause You to Die Sooner

Has anyone ever told you that you think too much? Or are you like me, and you're like, news flash, I already knew that, Karen. Overthinking is one of my worst qualities and according to a new study, I'm basically thinking myself to death; and so are you my fellow overthinkers. Fox 32 reported on...
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Natural Light Beer, Natty Light beer, Natty Light halloween costume contest, #nattyscaries

Natty Light is Paying $10,000 For Your 'Real Life' Scary Costume

Natural Light is doing a Halloween costume contest, and paying $10,000 for the best 'real life nightmare' costume.
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Jim Beam Distillery, Jim Beam bourbon distillery, jim beam bourbon, jim beam distillery kentucky

Jim Beam's Bourbon Distillery is Now Offering Overnight Stays for $23 Per Night With Dinner, a Tour and Tasting

Let's play a fun game of "Would You Rather?" Would you rather buy a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon for $23 or stay at the distillery overnight for the same price and also get treated to dinner, a tour and tasting? Tough choice, I know; but if you're in need of a vacation or a girl's weekend, then this...
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