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Tipsy Scoop, Truly Hard Seltzer, boozy ice cream, Truly Lemonade Ice Cream & Spiked Seltzer Bundle

Hard Seltzer-Flavored Ice Cream Is Here to Make this a Truly Great Summer

The brand Truly Hard Seltzer teamed up with a company called Tipsy Scoop that makes alcoholic ice cream
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PBR coffee, best bloody marys, The Bar-Goodview

This Small Town Minnesota Bar is Serving Up Loaded PBR Coffees

A small town, Minnesota bar is serving up loaded PBR coffees.
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cub foods, cub foods pulled pork, karens going wild

More Karens in Woodbury Are Getting Porch Meated

Someone keeps leaving meat on the porches of women named Karen in Woodbury.
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blaze pizza, blaze pizza minneapolis, white claw crust pizza

A National Pizza Chain is Making Pizza with a White Claw Crust

A midwest pizza chain is making pizzas with crust infused with White Claw Mango seltzer.
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Natty Daddy Lemonade, Natty Light, Natty Light Seltzer, Natural Light Beer, Natural Light Seltzer

Natty Light is Launching 'Natty Daddy' Lemonade This Summer

Natural Light is releasing Natty Daddy Lemonade this summer.
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Garth Brooks performs at Notre Dame stadium for historic first-ever concert

Elko Drive-In to Host Garth Brooks Concert Experience

These drive-ins in or near Wolf Country are showing the Garth Brooks concert.
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meat, meat recall, karens going wild, karens going wild

Women in Woodbury Named Karen Are Being Victimized by Meat

Women named Karen, who also happen to be vegetarians, are getting unwanted gifts of meat left on their doorstep.
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Minnesota State Fair, Minnesota State Fair Canceled, fair food, The Donut Family

Get Your Mini-Donut Fix at This Pop-Up State Fair Food Event

A pop-up fair food event is coming to North Saint Paul this weekend.
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hugs are safer than handshakes, can I give hugs during the coronavirus

Virologists Say Hugs Are Safer Than Handshakes

A hug is safer than shaking hands when it comes to spreading coronavirus, according to a virologist in Belgium.
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Sweet Potato Comfort Pies, Rose McGee sweet potato pies, Minneapolis baker and business owner Rose McGee

Minneapolis Baker Spreads Love with Sweet Potato Comfort Pie

Minneapolis baker and business owner Rose McGee is known for her Sweet Potato Comfort Pies, and this week, Rose is using her pies to spread some love in her community.
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