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concert addiction

Can You Have An Addiction to Country Concerts?

Recently a member of the Wolf Pack confessed on her Facebook page that she has a serious issue with spending way too much on concerts; attending atleast 30 to 40 a year. It's gotten so out of hand that she's tried to constrain herself, but she just can't help but buy more tickets. Greg, Mandy and...
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Jason Momoa

Cookie Sales Skyrocket After Girl Scout Turns Samoas into Momoas

Parents of Girl Scouts who've been posting on your Facebook page that "Today’s the day!! Cookies are on sale! Let me know what you need. Laylah is very excited to sell this year," pay attention're doing it wrong. OK, you're not really doing it wrong, but I've recently learned that...
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Walmart Baby Savings Day

Whoa Baby, Twin Cities Walmarts are Holding a Baby Savings Day this Weekend

Parents, if you or someone you know is in the market for some new baby gear, make sure you take advantage of Walmart's Baby Savings Day sale this weekend; it's kind of like Black Friday for babies....except it's on a Saturday. According to Fox 32 , pretty much anything parents might need,...
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dog walking

Rosedale Mall Hangs Up the Leash on Sunday Morning Dog Walks

A few weeks ago on the Wolf Wake Up Crew we covered a Facebook Fight in which a woman was looking for a place to walk her dog indoors because it was too cold to walk them outside; and you wouldn't believe the outrage. People got pretty upset because they thought having a dog indoors could possibly...
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Wyoming Police Department

Wyoming PD's Sarcastic 'Anti Collision Device' Video is Exactly What Winter Needs

Hey you, driving around with your headlights off while it's snowing outside- knock it off! We've been driving around in this white stuff for quite some time now, so this shouldn't come as a surprise to you: you need to turn your headlights on, even if it's during the day. Just ask the Wyoming,...
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Minnesotans Could Soon Be Paying A Lot More For Gas

Who wants to play a game of "Would you rather?" Would you rather have cheaper gas or nicer roads? It's a tough choice really. Chances are you already think that gas is too much as it is, so why not pay 20 cents more? Especially if it means that our roads and bridges will be repaired with that extra...
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National Drink Wine Day

Can You Guess Which Member of the Wake Up Crew Cries When They Drink Wine?

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Golden Girls Cruise

Tell Your Pals and Confidants: A 'Golden Girls' Themed Cruise is Coming in 2020

Just one week after learning that taking a girls' trip is good for your health , and two days after getting back from a girl's weekend up north, I am more than ready to start planning my next all-girl getaway. Who wants to come with? I'm thinking...the Golden Girls themed cruise! Yes ladies,...
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Cost of Beer in Minnesota

Minnesotans are Paying Some of the Cheapest Beer Prices in the Country

Need a reason to raise a glass tonight? It's not exactly a promotion, and it may not be a new job, but according to Thrillist , the price for a case of beer in Minnesota is among the lowest in the nation. To determine the average cost, experts who love to drink and do math at the same time, used...
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Target Allowing Employees to Wear Jeans

Shoppers Mistaken for Employees After Target Changes Employee Dress Code

Ever walk into a Target store with a red shirt on and get mistaken for an employee? If you walk around the store long enough (at least 30 minutes), eventually people start to think that you're actually the store manager. I should know, because it happened to me once, which is why I decided to just...
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