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Minnesota State Fair Wins Twitter With Hilarious Response to the Pepsi Halftime Show

The Minnesota State Fair had the best reaction to Shakira's performance during the Super Bowl halftime show.
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The WWUC Breaks Down Over a Reporter's Heartfelt Kobe Bryant Story

The Wolf Wake Up Crew couldn't keep it together when sharing a reporter's heartfelt story about her touching interaction with Kobe Bryant.
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Facebook Fights: People in Inver Grove Are Fighting Over the Cost of a Used TV

Buyers in the Inver Grove Heights garage sale page think a woman is asking way too much for her plasma screen TV.
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Facebook Fights: The City of Hudson is Making it Too Hard to Access Downtown

Residents in Hudson are upset that they have to climb over piles of snow to access the sidewalks and crosswalks to get to their favorite shops and restuarants.
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Facebook Fights: An Argument About Slippery Roads Turns into a Lover's Spat in Anoka

Things are getting icy in Anoka over the slippery roads.
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Grandma Grace Learns How to Flirt With Chippendale Dancers

Grandma Grace gets to put her pickup lines to good use when she meets the Chippendales in Las Vegas next month.
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Facebook Fights: Small Local Retailer Calls Out Media for Winter Weather Coverage

The Wolf Wake Up Crew reenacts drama they see going down on Facebook.
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The Wolf Wake Up Crew Debuts 'Kids Book Country Songs'

The Wolf Wake Up Crew turns the most popular kids books into country songs.
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Viral Instagram Poll Reveals No One Hates Minnesota

A new map broke down every state's least favorite state. California has the most other states that hate it, with nine; and Florida is the only state where the least favorite state is ITSELF.
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Facebook Fights: Complaints About a Roundabout Lead to a Fight Over the Vikings/Packers in Maple Grove

A complaint about roundabouts somehow turned into a fight about the Vikings and Packers in a Maple Grove Facebook page.
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