Weekends With The Wolf!

Party with The Wolfpack this Summer

If you’ll cancel all of your other plans to day drink, you’re a member of the Wolfpack.

If your weekend starts on Thursday, regardless of working Friday or not, you’re a member of the Wolfpack.  

If you think ‘bags’ should be an Olympic sport, you’re a member of… YOU GET THE POINT!

Wolfpack members, we all know that summertime in Minneapolis doesn’t last very long. So we have to enjoy every single second. You can hibernate in the winter.

This summer, 102.9 The Wolf is providing the party, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Join us all around the city for LIVE music, prizes, entertainment and just a grand old time!

Check out the schedules below and get ready to HOWL with the Wolfpack!

PT On The Patio

Feelin’ Right Friday Night

Shandy With Mandy

Sunday Funday

*Don't forget, The Wolfpack is always looking for new members. If your friends like to party, bring them with*